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Huawei launches Virtual Reality headset

Huawei joined other companies who has embraced virtual reality.

According to the a tech radar tweet, last Friday, at the launching of their latest handset, P9, in China, the company has revealed a phone-based headset that will be deemed as Huawei VR. This is said to work as you connect your phone to the unit via a USB cable.

This new VR will work just like the Samsung Gear VR-style approach whilst it will need a smartphone sitting inside the headset to provide power and the screen. Huawei’s VR will be the first virtual reality headset to use a USB-C since most VR uses a micro USB.

The similarity between Samsung and Huawei’s VR includes volume rockers, a back button on the side, Touch controller as well as focus wheel on top. The company also added that this will be the first headset of its kind to offer 360-degree sound if a user has the headsets on.

In the words of Huawei, they promised that the launched headset will offer, abut 400 movies for free, however, it is presumed that only a tiny percentage of these will be in full virtual reality video. To top it off, there will also be 40 free games, panoramic tours, and panoramic images to search through. There were no official release date or price for the headset, but the company reiterated that it will definitely be launched this season.