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Napster co-founder donates $250 million to help cancer research

Tech entrepreneur and Napster founder Sean Parker announced that he will be giving $250 million in fighting cancer.

The newly created Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will benefit from this huge grant. This will try to increase collaboration among six top academic cancer centers, dozens of drug makers and other groups and make great development in cancer therapies. As well as help other immunotherapy researchers to develop therapeutic viruses and vaccines to drive the immune system to recognize and attack tumors.

Jeffrey Bluestone, a prominent immunologist who now heads the institute told the Associated Press that the donation will fund the making of high risk best ideas that may not get funded by the government and the goal here is to rapidly move our discoveries to patients.

Sean Parker, also the founding president of Facebook, made the enormous cash infusion three months after President Obama called for a $1 billion federal cancer research program that he dubbed a “moonshot.” Parker predicts that the institute and the donation will help the progress against three or four cancer types in the next several years.