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IBM’s AI machine loses to human champion in a live debate

IBM’s fast-talking AI machine dubbed as Project Debater had a face off against 2016’s World Debating Championships grand finalist Harish Natarajan.

In a report by CNN Bussiness, Project Debater which is the first artificial-intelligence system built by IBM to meaningfully debate humans impressed the audience with its complex arguments during its debate with Natarajan with the topic of whether or not preschool should be subsidized which was not revealed to both contenders until 15 minutes before they took to the stage.

Project Debater and Natarajan were given 4 minutes for their opening speech, 4-minute rebuttal, and 2-minute closing argument each.

At the end of the debate, the human champion debater won against the AI machine via audience vote.

Watch what happened to Natarajan’s debate with Project Debater here:

(Photo source: YouTube – IntelligenceSquared Debates)