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Instagram introduces dark mode

Users of photo and video sharing app Instagram will now be able to enable the dark mode option which has earlier been rolled out to other apps.

According to a report by CNN Business, Instagram’s new dark mode feature is similar to other apps appearance where the default white background is being flipped to black and gray. The said feature is available to iOS and Android users in an update released by Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri on Twitter.

He wrote: “Starting today, you can use Instagram in dark mode on iOS 13 or Android 10. Turn dark mode on your phone to try it out. 👀”

iPhone users can activate the Instagram dark mode through iOS 13. Users can open Apple’s new Settings menu tap Display and Brightness and press the Dark option on the right for Instagram to flip automatically to the theme.

Android 10 users can also activate the feature by turning on the dark theme option in the menu settings. For Android users who do not have the latest version of Google’s operating system, they can activate Instagram’s dark mode from within the app’s settings.

(Photo source: Twitter – @mosseri)