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Instagram to introduce video hub to compete with YouTube and Snapchat Discover

Photo and video sharing app Instagram is planning to unveil a new feature for longer and high definition videos featuring scripted shows, music videos and content from popular social media stars and publishers.

According to a report by, Instagram will be offering the space especially for videos such as that of YouTube’s content that range from five to 15 minutes in length while average users can upload longer videos beyond the current 60-second limit.

The new feature will let creators and publishers earn through the swipe-up option which will re-direct users to a link for gaining website traffic as well as in e-commerce stores or event ticketing.

The video section will also be featuring a collection of popular videos where users will have the option “continue watching” for long clips.

The long-form clips will be featured on users’ profiles near the Story Highlights where pre-made videos can only be uploaded.

Instagram is yet to reveal the name and details of the video feature.

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