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Researchers develop system that teaches drones to identify violent behavior using AI

Drones are gaining popularity for photography purposes but such device can also be used as a form of surveillance according to a study made by researchers in the UK and India.

In a report by, the paper titled “Eye in the Sky” was created scientists who developed a system that can identify violent behaviors with the help of drones.

The system uses a Parrot AR quadcopter to transmit live video clips over a mobile internet connection where a trained algorithm estimates human poses in the videos and identifies whether the posture shows “violence”.

Researchers designated five poses as ” violent” such as strangling, punching, kicking, shooting, and stabbing.

The scientists hope that such system and alike could be use to detect crime in public places.

Researchers however said that though system has 94 percent accuracy, the figure will lower once more people appear in the frame and that there are more factors to consider for the development of the surveillance system.

Tests are yet to be conducted in two upcoming festivals in India.

(Photo source: YouTube – amarjot singh)