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IPC dares firms to innovate business models with Chrome Enterprise

Local data center and cloud services provider IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.), the country’s longest-running Google Cloud Partner, challenges traditional business models in the Philippines with its offering of Chrome Enterprise, a comprehensive end-to-end business solutions suite that allows enterprises to work safely in the cloud.

This is in line with a recent study by RightScale which reports that 77 percent of global enterprises and 80 percent of SMEs had their workloads up in the cloud. Meanwhile, IDC predicts that by 2020, at least 55 percent of organizations worldwide will be digitizing their business methods and transforming markets by offering digitally enabled products and services.

As enterprises embark on their digital transformation journeys, IPC aims to provide a smooth and satisfying experience through a variety of collaborative cloud solutions such as Google’s Chrome Enterprise. In addition to G Suite, it encompasses an array of devices and services like video conferencing and cloud-based apps and features that increase business productivity.

“The business sector is inherently fast-paced. As it continuously innovates and adopts new business models, it requires agility and flexibility in tools of the trade. To cater to these demands, IPC strengthens its partnership with Google to provide business solutions such as the Chrome Enterprise that offers the complete cloud suite package, as well as multi-layered security,” said Niño Valmonte, IPC Director for Marketing and Digital Innovation. “We strongly recommend that business owners implement and experience the advantages that these collaborative tools bring.”

Because the Chrome Enterprise provides organization members with their respective Chrome accounts, a single sign-in allows them to stay connected with the rest of the organization—whether through video conferencing, emailing, group messaging, or simultaneously working on a single document.

Chrome Enterprise hardware offerings

IPC collaborates with the country’s leading hardware vendors to equip businesses with Google-powered devices that support the Chrome Enterprise suite. Among these offerings are Hangouts Meet, Chromebook, Chromebit, and Chromebox.

The Hangouts Meet hardware brings an organization together into one HD-resolution video conference sans complications during setup. This is best utilized with the Chromebook, an essential tool that supports Chrome Enterprise features and apps. The Google Chromebit, meanwhile, is a candy-bar-sized computer that turns any HDMI monitor or TV screen into a computer, eliminating the need for a flash drive. The enterprise suite also includes the Chromebox, a small and compact device that acts as the system unit of the package as it runs the Chrome OS.

Aiming to provide businesses with top-grade assistance support, Chrome Enterprise hardware offerings also include the Chrome OS Device Management License and Chromebox Hangouts Meet Support, together with IPC’s standard 24/7 local support.

As today’s global workforce is on its way to ultimately relying on the cloud for accessibility and productivity, Chrome Enterprise effectively helps enterprises, entrepreneurs, and SMEs from any industry work through their digital transformation journey seamlessly.

To know more about the Google Chrome Enterprise, visit the IPC Enterprise Cloud Applications webpage.