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Latest Nokia smartphones now in the Android Recommended programme

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced that it now offers the largest and most-diverse range of “best-in-business” smartphones on Android™ with the addition of three new devices. The Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 3.2 (3/32GB) join 11 other Nokia smartphones that have been validated as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended programme, which offers great enterprise user experience in devices that have evolved for diverse business needs.

The Android Enterprise Recommended programme gives business customers confidence that smartphones validated by the programme have been approved by Google to meet objective business standards. These standards include an elevated set of specifications for hardware, software, deployment into company IT systems, security updates and user experience. The programme sets a benchmark for strong user experience in a variety of enterprise use cases, enabling businesses to make easier and smarter choices for their smartphone selections.

According to a recent market research* by HMD Global, 98 percent of interviewed enterprises in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) say the Android Enterprise Recommended programme impacts their choice of devices, with more than 50 percent saying that they choose only Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones.

Following the announcement of the three new Nokia smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2019, HMD Global is pleased to announce that all three are now Android Enterprise Recommended. These include:

• Nokia 9 PureView – the world’s first smartphone with a unique five-camera array
• Nokia 4.2 – brings cutting-edge design, a dedicated Google Assistant button and AI experiences in imaging to a more accessible tier
• Nokia 3.2 – offers an industry-leading display with two-day battery life2 and allows users to explore the power of voice with the dedicated Google Assistant button

Andrej Sonkin, GM Enterprise Business, HMD Global:
“The development of our Android Enterprise Recommended smartphone offering has followed a path defined by the needs of businesses for secure, long-lasting devices that engage and excite a diverse range of users. Our enterprise-grade smartphones now power secure smartphone mobility for more than 50 organisations around the world. We’ve earned our pedigree supplying smartphones for leading European enterprises that are seeking devices that evolve with their needs and get better with time.”

Security, experience and evolution designed for the enterprise

Harnessing the power of Android One, Nokia smartphones deliver a seamless experience, free from bloatware and with only a small curated set of pre-installed apps. Paired with the premium design and trusted build quality that can be expected of a Nokia phone, the portfolio also delivers superior engineering for every business budget.

Enterprises that have already chosen Nokia’s Android Enterprise Recommended devices agree:

• Are: “Two years of guaranteed Android OS updates was a key reason for us to switch to Nokia smartphones.”
• SAP: “Security was one of the key reasons we chose Nokia smartphones.”
• Mukava: “Our customers handle sensitive data. The up-to-date security promise of Nokia phones is an important factor for us.”
• Yorkshire Building Society: “The excellent price-value equation of the Nokia 7 Plus and the fast delivery of security patches on Nokia smartphones for three years are the reasons we picked it.”
• Ineco: “Nokia devices provide high-quality solutions that cover all our expectations, and their hand-in-hand support throughout our project has given us true added value.”

A superior experience that just keeps getting better

Nokia smartphones are changing the ownership paradigm for end users and enterprises alike. It is no longer only about out-of-the-box device specs but about how the user experience evolves over time with updates and upgrades. For Nokia smartphones in the Android Enterprise Recommended and Android One programmes, this means a more secure experience that just keeps getting better through the latest updates and innovations from Google.

From the ability to easily switch work apps on and off depending on an employee’s needs to adding new security capabilities to protect what is important, Nokia smartphones have an unmatched track record of keeping up-to-date with the latest innovations. This evolving and adaptive user experience makes work life easier, more productive and more cost effective.

With the introduction of features such as Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness to respond to individual user needs and with two-day battery life2 across multiple price points, the Nokia smartphone range has been designed to make both IT and end users happy. Alongside the enterprise-focused features, each device in the portfolio offers personal experiences for individual users, making it a work phone that fans will love.

Nokia smartphones on the Android Enterprise Recommended programme:

Device PHP Price
Nokia 3.1 (32GB) PHP 6,990
Nokia 3.1 Plus PHP 9,990
Nokia 3.2 (32GB) Not available in PH market
Nokia 4.2 Not available in PH market
Nokia 5.1 Not available in PH market
Nokia 5.1 Plus PHP 12,990
Nokia 6.1 PHP 14,990
Nokia 6.1 Plus PHP 15,990
Nokia 7 Plus PHP 15,990
Nokia 7.1 Not available in PH market
Nokia 8 *Not part of the Android One family PHP 21,990
Nokia 8 Sirocco Not available in PH market
Nokia 8.1 Not available in PH market
Nokia 9 PureView Not available in PH market

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* HMD Global: Business Smartphone Purchase Survey: