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Lay Bare adopts digitized solutions powered by Globe myBusiness

Globe myBusiness moves a step further to expanding its foothold in the Philippine retail and personal services industry with its newly-formed partnership with the country’s premier waxing salon Lay Bare.

Globe myBusiness helps the waxing salon navigate the digital world, first by powering Lay Bare’s pop-up booths that unveiled the new features of the store during its recent National Sales Conference with the theme “Next Generation Lay Bare. Create A Digital Experience” held at the Globe Tower recently.

“We in Lay Bare believe in the power of automation and have made significant strides in digitizing our business. Trying to be in the forefront of innovation possesses significant challenges, even greater being an SME. By having an established partner in Globe that enables us to create meaningful technologies that match our needs, we don’t have to worry about complexities of running our systems,” said Juan Paolo Hilario, President of Lay Bare Franchising Corporation.

“Globe myBusiness is every entrepreneur’s digital partner in providing relevant business solutions so that they can reach more customers, expand their business and most importantly, create a hassle-free experience to their clients,” says Debbie Obias, vice president, segment marketing, at Globe myBusiness.

“One of Globe myBusiness’ key focus is to support and serve the retail and personal services industry and enable business owners and their stakeholders to become more competitive in the market while navigating the digital world,” Obias adds.

With its trailblazing products, Lay Bare is the perfect fit for Globe myBusiness—which has been helping small and medium-sized businesses become more efficient in various ways.

“As the country moves toward the digital age, Globe myBusiness recognizes Lay Bare as a winning client that has proven its worth in the retail and personal services sector,” says Anne David, segment marketing head for supply chain at Globe myBusiness. “Lay Bare is a welcome addition to our growing list of partners.”

During the Lay Bare event, Globe showcased the following business solutions:

*Auto SMS Blast service that allows sending of bulk promo texts and connect to more customers;

*Auto Appointment Reminder which provides automatic appointment reminders to customers;

*GCash, which allow customers to pay through the GCash Scan to Pay Feature using QR codes, avoiding the hassle of bringing in cash.