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Netflix surpasses 200 million subscribers amid pandemic

Video streaming service Netflix has surpassed 200 million subscribers globally after it gathered 8.5 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The new milestone of the company was achieved at the most challenging times as the world is facing a pandemic due to COVID-19.

“2020 was an incredibly difficult year with extraordinary loss for so many families, new restrictions that none of us have ever had to live with before and great uncertainty. We’re enormously grateful that in these uniquely challenging times we’ve been able to provide our members around the world with a source of escape, connection and joy while continuing to build our business.” the company said.

“Our strategy is simple, If we can continue to improve Netflix every day to better delight our members, we can be their first choice for streaming entertainment. This past year is a testament to this approach.” the company said in a letter to shareholders.

Netflix reported a profit of $542.2 million, or $1.19 a share, compared with $587 million, or $1.30 a share, a year earlier. Revenue climbed 22% to $6.64 billion.

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