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Legendary Hacker Kevin Mitnick dies at age 59

Kevin Mitnick, the notorious hacker who spent five years in prison for his crimes, died on Monday at the age of 59 after a 14-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Mitnick was born in 1963 in Los Angeles. He began hacking at a young age, and by the time he was a teenager, he was one of the most skilled hackers in the world. He was able to break into computer systems at some of the biggest companies in the world, including Motorola, Nokia, and IBM.

In 1995, Mitnick was arrested and charged with multiple counts of computer fraud and abuse. He was sentenced to five years in prison, and he was released in 2000.

After his release from prison, Mitnick became a security consultant and author. He wrote several books about hacking, including “The Art of Deception” and “Ghost in the Wires.” He also founded Mitnick Security Consulting, a company that helps businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Mitnick’s death is a reminder of the dangers of hacking. However, it is also a reminder of the importance of security. Mitnick’s work helped to raise awareness of the need for businesses to protect their computer systems.