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Lenovo intros ThinkBook Plus dual-screen laptop for millennials, Gen Z multitaskers

Tech industry innovator Lenovo today unveiled ThinkBook Plus, the latest ThinkBook designed for the next generation workforce. Millennials and Gen Zers who revel in the satisfaction of doing multiple projects at the same time will definitely find a new go-to device in this dual-screen offering.

ThinkBook Plus features an innovative e-Ink cover display and an integrated Precision Pen for maximum functionality and productivity. It is specifically designed to help modern multitaskers perform better by improving their focus, collaboration, and creativity. Featuring a 13.3-inch FHD main display with screen rotation and anti-glare,ThinkBook Plus enables users to perform work assignments with better clarity and ease. Meanwhile its 10.8-inch e-Ink display on the cover allows users to easily sketch and take notes using the integrated Lenovo Precision Pen, as well as receive essential notifications when the lid is closed, allowing them to stay focused during meetings. The e-Ink display is made from Corning Gorilla Glass NBT, a unique glass solution for touch-enabled notebooks that provides enhanced scratch resistance and reduced scratch visibility.

“The nature of today’s workplace demands productive multitasking and with the ThinkBook Plus, we are providing a solution that delivers business-grade performance coupled with a seamlessly integrated e-Ink display,” said Michael Ngan, President and General Manager, Lenovo Philippines. “Lenovo is committed to enabling employees to work their best by delivering smarter technology for all. We are confident that with its secondary display with integrated pen, the ThinkBook Plus not only boosts maximum efficiency but redefines productivity and multitasking for the modern workforce.”

Around 60% of today’s workforce is comprised of Gen Z and millennials, and while these digital natives are familiar with multitasking across devices, research has proven that this may not be the most efficient way of working where employees can lose up to 2.1 hours per day due to time required to refocus on a task. Moreover, employees in Asia have also expressed interest in adopting new form factors into the workplace. Lenovo believes that with smarter technology, employees can enhance their focus and productivity, regardless of role and task.

The design innovation around ThinkBook Plus hinges on the concerns and needs of the modern workforce,based on customer insights and data relating to multitasking work practices. The device is a new kind of laptop designed to help users fully maximize their multitasking efficiency:

· Collaborate better by staying focused during meetings as it shows on the cover display only the essential notifications such as calendar appointments, instant messages, or important emails. Take notes instantly with the integrated Precision Pen, which can be synced with Microsoft OneNote. Control VoIP calls quickly with meeting hotkeys and experience better audio clarity with Harman speakers and Skype-certified microphones. With Amazon® Alexa® for PC integrated, users can simultaneously execute several common tasks through voice command, without the need to open the laptop.

· Create and convert real time ideation into diagrams and notes by sketching on the cover screen with the Precision Pen. Personalise the device with a unique screensaver on the laptop cover and enjoy the laptop experience with a narrow bezel FHD IPS (In-Plane Switching) display. Ideas, documents, and data stored in the device remain secure with the TPM 2.0, which provides enhanced hardware security.