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Smart program brings together senior citizens and senior high students

Precy Erguiza, 76, learning about the basics of smartphones with an Adamson volunteer during the Smart Millenniors session in Brgy 672, Paco, Manila

At 76 years old, Precy Erguiza’s ultimate wish is to be able to share her beach photos on social media.

“My niece knows how to use Facebook—she dances, swims, takes photos while she is at the beach and shares them right away,” said Nanay Precy, who originally hails from Surigao del Sur. “I don’t know how to do that. I’d like to learn.”

Nanay Precy and 23 other senior citizens from Brgy 672 in Paco, Manila are now closer to this dream after attending the first session of the Smart Millenniors program facilitated by Smart Communications in their barangay recently.

“Millenniors” is a play on the words “millennials”, who are known to be tech savvy, and “seniors”. The goal of the program is to teach technology to the elderly, specifically about smartphones, mobile data and social media.

Assisted by senior high students and Computer Science students from Adamson University, the new batch of Smart Millenniors learned about the basics of smartphones and mobile data. They were also able to setup their Facebook accounts and were assisted by student-volunteers in taking their selfies.

One of Nanay Precy’s classmates, Bernardo “Boying” Corpuz, said smartphones will be useful for him because he has children working abroad.