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Lenovo unveils the world’s first Tango-enabled smartphone

Augmented Reality (AR) took the country by storm this year thanks to Pokémon GO but fans of the technology will have another reason to rejoice as Lenovo Philippines recently unveiled the much-awaited Phab 2 Pro.

LenovoPhab2 Pro, the world’s first Tango-enabled smart phone provides users an elevated AR experience with Google’s Tango technology. The said feature can map physical spaces and overlay it with virtual effects, track objects, and map indoor spaces. Those abilities allow for new types of apps, experiments, and designs that previously couldn’t be carried out on standard AR-enabled phablets out in the market.

At the launch, Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan expressed that the arrival will open up new opportunities. “With the limitless capabilities provided by Tango, we hope that the Phab 2 Pro can raise our customers to new heights by making them into designers, innovators, and builders with no boundaries stopping them.”

Buyers of the Phab 2 Pro are in for a treat as well as Google recently launched 25 Tango-enabled apps on Google Play. Want to turn your living room into a scaled-down version of the Solar System? Well, then Solar Simulator app should be just right up your alley! Once enabled, the app can automatically scale the entire Solar System to fit inside your room.

There are also other fun apps such as Raise which gives you a virtual 3D pet to take care of and Lowe’s Home Improvement which allows you to place items everywhere—a must for those looking in the market for new furniture as it simulates the appearance of an object inside the house before buying the actual furniture.

The Technology behind Tango

Three core technologies bring Tango experiences to life: motion tracking, depth perception and area learning. Through motion tracking, the Phab2 Pro’s “eye” sees its own location in 3D. Area learning tells the smartphone its location. Depth perception lets the device analyze the shape of the world around it by detecting surfaces and obstacles. And now for the first time ever, your smartphone can visualize and understand its surrounding objects and environment via sensors that capture more than 250,000 measurements a second.

Commenting on the Tango technology, Ngan said that Tango makes spatial data accessible and useful for everyone. “If Tango knows that there’s a wall in front of you, you can measure that wall and place a painting on it or if Tango knows a supermarket, then it can take you to the cookies section of the supermarket. Making the environment data accessible and useful is Google’s vision of Tango and users can experience that fully with the Phab 2Pro,” said Ngan.