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Lim Kok Hin steps down as Canon Philippines President and CEO

Canon Philippines President and CEO Lim Kok Hin decided to take an early retirement and is excited to dedicate his life to his family and health. Lim Kok Hin has been with Canon for more than 35 years and is known for his “Do More, Work Less” philosophy.

On his Facebook page, Lim Kok Him thanked Canon and the people he worked with for all the support and friendship accorded to him:

“Today 35 years 2 month and 9 days and 8 hours after I started my involvement in Canon I bid farewell to all my friends throughout the company everywhere.

There is never too early or too late but it is a time of my choosing. And I chose this time and place. What better time 32 days before my 60th birthday and what better place then Pinoy land where happiness is second nature.

Canon is a great brand name with excellent products and it’s leaders had great vision. If I had to choose a brand to represent today to start it all over again I would do the same. May I wish everyone at Canon best wishes and good luck.

I am crystal clear what I wanted. I will start on sunrise after a good night sleep. Tomorrow I am dedicated to my life, my family and my health.

I know what I won’t do. I don’t want a 9-5 Monday to Friday work ever. If I do anything it is merely to help better the life of another human being.

Retiring before my 60th years old birthday is everything for a man born on Malaysian Independence Day. Although I cannot help but wonder what life awaits in the outside Canon world. Hello world I supposed! Wish me luck.”

Mr. Kazuhiro Ozawa will take the place vacated by Mr. Lim Kok Hin.

(Photo source: Facebook – @Lim Kok Hin)