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Microsoft brings Cortana to Skype

Microsoft is bringing Cortana, the company’s intelligent assistant into Skype to help users in their everyday conversations. With Cortana’s in-context assistance, it’s easier to keep users conversations going by having Cortana suggest useful information based on your chat, like restaurant options or movie reviews. Cortana also suggests smart replies, allowing users to respond to any message quickly and easily—without typing a thing.

In a blog post, Cortana in Skype will be gradually rolled out, starting October 12 to Skype Android and iOS customers in the United States.

Cortana is also a contact in Skype. So now, users can have natural conversations in one-on-one chats with Cortana—just like you would with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Get answers to your burning questions, like the name of the lead actor in your favorite movie or what the weather outlook is for the weekend. Users can also ask Cortana to check their flight status, give them a stock quote, or suggest the best restaurants in their area. With Cortana at users disposal, every day can be a bit more productive—and a lot more fun.

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