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Microsoft seeks for a patent for their ‘smart fabric’

Tech company Microsoft filed a patent application for its touch-sensitive smart fabric technology in a variety of its existing products.

According to a report by, Microsoft intends to incorporate its ‘smart fabric’ to its products such as tablets, personal computers, holographic computers with head-mounted displays, wearable wristband computing devices, as well as home furniture.

The fabric will give users more ways to interact with their devices through the smart fabric technology which can be used alongside the touch screen.

While product lines were not named in the patent application, descriptions and diagrams of its uses show that Microsoft HoloLens, Surface 2-in-1 laptops, and Surface tablets will most likely be impacted by the smart fabrics.

The patent application also gave details about how the smart fabric would look when incorporated in their devices such as their tablets where the fabric could be located on the “front side surfaces” and on “a back surface.”

Meanwhile, the fabrics would most likely be embedded in the HoloLens’ adjustable band, allowing users to control “virtual cursor”, the volume, and the “scroll through settings.”

The smart fabrics could also be used in the development of f GSR (galvanic skin response) sensors, heart rate sensors, and even temperature sensors for smart wristbands.

As for the furniture, the patent application shows a couch with a smart fabric which could act as a computing device.

Apart from that, the description also states that the smart fabric could be used to control things such as televisions, desktop computers, lighting, and appliances.

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