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Motorola Razr is back as a foldable smartphone

Before the iPhone became an instant hit, there was the Motorola Razr that appealed to many people. As the popularity of smartphones surged, feature phones like the Razr were all but forgotten. However, Motorola is resurrecting the iconic Razr, and this time, it’s a foldable smartphone that screams future.

The first noticeable feature in the Motorola Razr is its design. Just like the old Razr, the new one is a flip phone that folds so it fits snugly in a pocket. Unlike the old Razr though, the new one features what Motorola calls the Flex View display — a massive 6.2-inch 21:9 foldable AMOLED screen that folds in the middle. When folded, a second 2.7-inch Quick View screen displays the notifications and acts as a second screen for supported apps.

The foldable Razr is made possible with an innovative hinge. According to Motorola, “the zero-gap hinge allows razr to close with both sides perfectly flush, a cohesive design that also protects the main display.” Also, the display crease is unnoticeable here, which is a big improvement over the foldable phones released by Samsung and Huawei earlier this year.

While the design and the display of the Motorola Razr screams future, the rest of the specs are in line with a 2019 midrange phone. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 powers the device. Plus, its camera is a step back with a 16MP primary camera in the back and a 5MP secondary camera in the front for selfies. But since the Motorola Razr is foldable, the primary camera can also act as a selfie camera. It also has a physical fingerprint sensor in its thick chin. And, its battery is rated to a measly 2,510 mAh.

As a consolation, the Motorola Razr comes with a water repellant and splash proof design. Plus, it comes in a 6GB + 128GB configuration which is enough for most people. Noir Black is the only color option for the foldable phone.

(Photo source: Youtube ScreenGrab – @Motorola US)