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Millennials experience ‘load rage’ over slow download speed

Young people were found to experience ‘load rage’ resulting to slow download speed as most tend to get annoyed with less than a minute of waiting time.

According to a report by Independent, Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus conducted a survey to over 2,000 smartphone users of all ages and found that people aged 16 to 34 are five times more likely to lose temper because of slow download speeds as compared to older users.

The respondents were also asked about the most frustrating elements of their life and participants who are aged 16 to 24 share a common response of not having available wi-fi in their location followed by a delivery that does not arrive on time.

Meanhwile, two-fifths of millennials report anxiety and insomnia which are symptoms of burnout due to the amount of time they spent on smartphones because of their digital tech-heavy lives.

Half of those respondents aged 16 to 24 said they would want to reduce their screen time and 32 percent of all the respondents also expressed worry over how much people rely on technology today.

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