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‘Pokémon Go’ reaches over 1 billion downloads

After its launch last July 2016, location-based gaming app ‘Pokémon Go’ has reached more than 1 billion downloads which was marked by the Pokémon Company with a series of videos celebrating its success.

In a report by Engadget, the 1 billion download mark which includes re-downloads from players is still considered as an achievement for the game despite speculations that it would soon die out after a few months.

While the number of active users among those 1 billion downloads is not certain, Superdata estimated last May 2018 that there were 147 million monthly users of the game.

Achieving such number of downloads was, in a way, no surprise as the creators celebrated the 500 million mark in September 2016, just two months after its launch.

Despite its slower growth following the hype of its debut, Niantic’s game still managed to keep its player base after others took a break from the game.

Meanwhile, Ninantic’s ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ game which has not been gaining the same adoption as ‘Pokémon Go’ despite having somewhat similar game play.

(Photo source: YouTube – The Official Pokémon YouTube channel)