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Millions of people still use ‘123456’ as password

With several cases of data breach reported in the past years, millions of users still use the most common ‘123456’ as a password according to a cyber survey conducted by UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

In a report published by NCSC, ‘123456’ is still the most common password with 23.2 million using the number combination, followed by ‘123456789’ with 7.7 million users.

Among the top 5 most common combinations found in passwords are ‘qwerty’, ‘password’, and ‘1111111’.

Meanwhile, names such as ‘ashley’, ‘michael’, and ‘daniel’, as well as musicians such as ‘blink182’ and fictional characters like ‘superman’ are also common choices for passwords.

International web security expert Troy Hunt said: “Making good password choices is the single biggest control consumers have over their own personal security posture.”

“Recognising the passwords that are most likely to result in a successful account takeover is an important first step in helping people create a more secure online presence,” Hunt added.

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