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Modernize your data center with Hitachi’s agile storage infrastructure

The massive growth of data demands companies to adopt storage solutions that can extract maximum value from their applications, consolidate workloads with minimal investment and provide huge performance in the smallest footprint possible. At the same time, it is critical that these solutions support cloud strategies and are simple to implement and use while delivering enterprise reliability and operational simplicity.

Hitachi Vantara’s latest midrange storage array helps organizations address these demands and experience enterprise class performance at an entry-level price. The VSP G130 delivers data faster to improve customer experiences and support advanced analytical capabilities for optimized operations in a compact 2U form factor. Combining the storage array with Hi-Track Remote Monitoring system and its analytics capabilities allows Hitachi to provide the best portfolio to proactively analyze, support and maintain the health of one’s cloud solutions.

Specs at a Glance:
VSP G130
Max. Drives: 96HDD
Max. Raw Capacity: 940 TB
Disks Supported: 2.4TB 10K HDD, 1.2TB 10K HDD, 600GB 10K HDD, 10TB 7.2K HDD, 6TB 7.2K HDD
Host Interfaces: 4 x Fibre Channel: 16Gb/s
Max. Cache: 32GB
RAID Support: RAID 1+0, RAID 5, RAID 6

Operational Efficiency
The benefits start with Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF). With an all-new enhanced software stack, SVOS RF offers up to three times greater performance than our previous midrange models, even as data capacity scales. Performance from SVOS RF accelerates read and write operations for a lower response time. Combining this with high capacity storage media and placing data on the optimal performance tier, we offer higher workload consolidation than ever before.

The VSP G130 model has a symmetric active-active controller design, which reduces the cost and complexity of path management because volumes can be accessed via host ports on any controller with minimal performance difference. VMware users can activate the round- robin policy for better network utilization.

Additionally, the VSP G130 model optionally offers end-to-end analytics for advanced administrative efficiencies that make operations more predictable. This approach allows organizations to focus on strategic projects and to consolidate more of their workloads while using a wide range of media choices.

Private Cloud Platform
VSP G130 supports OpenStack drivers for offering a cloud-like experience to business users. This model also offers support for containers to allow DevOps to accelerate cloud-native application development. Not only can Hitachi provision storage in seconds, but it can also provide persistent data availability, all while being orchestrated by industry- leading container platforms (Docker SWARM, Kubernetes). Where Hitachi differs is in its ability to enable these workloads to be moved into a production environment seamlessly, not only saving money but also reducing support and management costs.

Using Hi-Track’s remote monitoring and analytics capabilities, organizations
can rely on 28 years of data collection experience to proactively support cloud solutions. By looking at all performance and support telemetry from all our Hi- Track customers, VSP G130 can predict when an issue might arise and proactively take action to mitigate downtime.

Simplify Modernization of Your Data Center

The VSP G130 midrange system comes bundled with system management
and local replication software. Organizations have the option to purchase enhanced software features, including infrastructure performance analytics, predictive analytics and Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) for data protection and backup orchestration.

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