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Netflix says it will not be part of Apple TV service

Streaming service Netflix confirmed that it will not be integrating its TV shows and movies with Apple Inc’s upcoming video offering.

According to a report by Reuters, Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings said that the streaming service will not be offering its programming to Apple’s TV service which is expected to be unveiled later this March.

Hastings said: “We prefer to let our customers watch our content on our service. We have chosen not to integrate with their service.”

Apple, apart from its own original content, may reportedly resell subscriptions from CBS Corp, Viacom Inc and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp’s Starz, as well as Walt Disney Co and AT&T Inc’s WarnerMedia which are planning to offer subscription streaming services.

When asked about Netflix’s competitors such as HBO and Amazon, Hastings said: “These are amazing, large, well-funded companies with very significant efforts. They are going to do some great shows. I’m going to be envious. They’re going to come up with some great ideas. We’re going to want to borrow those.”

“We will make this a better industry if we have great competitors,” he added.

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