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New Android 9 Pie lets smartphones adapt to users’ habits through AI

The latest Android update namely Android 9 Pie has been released a few months ago and its best features has been making users’ experience a lot more efficient.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning which enables smartphones to adapt to user habits, Android’s latest update offers features and options which will suit your preferences.

In a report by, some cool features of the Android 9 Pie were mentioned including an adaptive battery which limits consumption for infrequently used apps, and an adaptive brightness feature which users can train to know your preferred brightness level with certain apps.

It also features a new gesture navigation which lets users swipe for easier access to open apps instead of the typical back, home, and recent button icons.

Apart from the mentioned features, the new Android update also has something new to offer for users’ privacy as it “restricts access to mic, camera, and all SensorManager sensors from apps that are idle” or those apps set on “background” status.

Android Pie is the ninth major release Android, following Android Oreo.

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