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Newest Global Spending Trend Puts Spotlight on Affordable IT Solutions

As businesses all over the world continue to bolster their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, Lenovo, the leading global technology brand, notes that an emerging trend among companies is unfolding, one that focuses on getting the most value by acquiring products and services for a lower cost while maintaining high-quality performance.

Citing a global study by research firm Gartner that shows how companies are now turning to new digital alternatives to save money, simplify operations, and foster business agility, Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Michael Ngan explains that companies are now more strategic when it comes to deciding on how to allocate budgets for IT resources.

“The digital transformation wave that we are experiencing today is not new. In fact, it is unheard of for a company, regardless of whether big or small, to not employ any digital tech at all. And as companies become much more attuned to technology, they become aware and knowledgeable of new products that significantly cost less than others while having the ability to produce the same results, and in some cases, better ones.”

As an example of this, Gartner, in its report notes that the US$22 billion that companies historically would spend in 2016 for on-site IT hardware will shift towards Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Rather than maintaining and upgrading IT hardware in-house, companies will increasingly outsource that task to cloud service companies for a lower monthly cost. Gartner says that organizations shifting infrastructure and services to the cloud do so because they want to increase their competitiveness and gain better control over costs.

Altogether, the research firm expects this shift in IT spending towards cloud services to affect US$1 trillion by 2020.

A new trend in the horizon

Lenovo believes that this trend of adopting cost-cutting IT tools will eventually lead to another one — the choice to partner with an end-to-end solutions provider that not only can provide Cloud services, but can also manage other IT requirements.

“This ongoing trend of putting affordability first will lead businesses to seek an end-to-end IT services provider that can provide and customize solutions, enabling them to better match their needs and manage IT spending,” explains Ngan.

As the name suggests, an end-to-end IT service is composed of customizable solutions that cover all the essential aspects of IT infrastructure, such as security, connectivity, hardware, software, just to name a few. Since maintaining all those elements can put a tremendous strain on a company, especially to those who does not specialize in IT, engaging an end-to-end solutions provider would be a good option for businesses to receive the necessary expert support from purchase to deployment stage, as well as increase efficiency and productivity.

As a leading technology partner for businesses, Lenovo recognizes the difficulty of choosing the right partner or solution, and addresses these issues with its innovative business solutions. It covers all the essential aspects of IT infrastructure in its single-vendor technology ecosystem dedicated for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. For years, Lenovo has been working together with various companies to tailor-fit solutions based on the latter’s needs.

Complemented by expertise in hardware, as well as networking and cloud, plus a suite of managed services covering the full technology lifecycle, Lenovo can deliver like no other as its technology ecosystem also includes the best products made for work — the legendary ThinkPad lineup.

“Being a global leader in technology development, Lenovo is in a good position to help businesses make the right IT decisions to gain maximum value from their investments,” said Ngan.