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Nintendo Switch gives gamers multiple video game play styles

Nintendo launched a new home gaming system called Nintendo Switch, and the company is marketing it a gaming console that allows gamers to play however they like.

According to Nintendo’s press release, Nintendo Switch gives gamers multiple gaming options.

First, gamers can connect the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Switch Dock for them to play the system on TV. If they want to play Nintendo Switch outside, they could opt to lift the Nintendo Switch from the dock to enjoy the system’s portable mode.

Nintendo says that even if the Nintendo Switch is in portable mode, users can still enjoy the full home gaming system experience through its bright high-definition display.

Nintendo Switch also comes with a detachable Joy-Con controllers and an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, giving gamers more options on how they would like to enjoy the gaming system.

The upcoming Nintendo home gaming system will be available in March 2017.

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