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NPC directs FB to provide insurance to 700,000 Filipinos due to data breach

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) ordered social networking company Facebook to provide insurance to more than 700,000 Filipinos after a large-scale data breach in September.

In a report by BusinessMirror, the NPC directed Facebook to provide identity theft and phishing insurance for Filipinos who were among the 30 million worldwide users whose accounts were compromised in the September data breach.

If Facebook cannot comply, it has an option to establish a help desk for Filipino data subjects on privacy-related matters which will be located in the country and with a local number, within six months after the order has been received.

A more comprehensive data breach notification report is also instructed to be submitted to the NPC, as well as to inform its affected users.

Apart from that, Facebook is directed to provide a program which intends to raise awareness about identity theft and phishing to Filipino users.

Evidence of compliance with the aforementioned measures is also told to be provided.

Last September, an estimated 361,227 Filipinos were forcibly logged out from their accounts after a data breach threatened Facebook users and the company.

Despite Facebook’s action, millions of accounts worldwide were still compromised.

Attackers reportedly obtained users’ information such as full name, e-mail address, phone number, their recent search queries, and accounts they follow, among others.

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