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PH fastest-growing market in Asia for use of mobile forms in enterprises, SMEs

Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group Mike Frausing and Canvas CEO and Co-Founder James Quigley present the interface of the Canvas App through the use of a tablet.

As the first and exclusive distributor of Canvas in the country, Globe Telecom sees rapid digital shift among enterprises, SMEs with paperless forms for increased productivity

CEO James Quigley who recently came to Manila for a visit said that the Philippines is the Fastest-growing market in Asia for the use of Canvas, the revolutionary cloud based software service that empowers enterprises to collect, share and integrate information using mobile devices.

As a result of the partnership with Globe Telecom, through its IT-Enabled Services Group (IG), they decided to launch Canvas as its first and exclusive distributor in the Philippines int he late 2014, making  small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers of Globe discover the potential of mobile devices by shifting key business processes from paper forms to dynamic mobile apps with functionalities.

“Philippine enterprises are now finding ways to achieve operational efficiency for sustainable business results through information and communications technology (ICT), and we at Globe are pleased to enable their goals with our roster of innovative solutions, and one of which is Canvas,” shares Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group Mike Frausing. “As the shift to a more digital enterprise landscape grows, we at Globe, through our partnerships with global companies like Canvas, are more than equipped to offer our enterprise clientele solutions that transform and scale up their business for the future.”

The app eliminates paperwork, captures information and allows collected data to be shared instantly. Canvas can be customizable and can add funtionality such as image capture, GPS, barcode scanning, push notifications electronic signatures, and access to business date such as parts catalog, price list or records.

With Canvas mobile forms, customers will enjoy significant savings in cost and productivity gains, saving up to 75%. A P500 monthly investment per account includes unlimited access to the Canvas Application Store, unlimited creation of forms, and unlimited submissions.

“We are delighted that our partnership with Globe is helping Philippine businesses automate how work gets done across the workplace,” quips Quigley.  “They are seeing fast improvement to their bottom line as costly, outdated manual process and paperwork are replaced with Canvas, enabling their workforce to connect and interact better with colleagues and customers. Companies across logistics and transportation, construction, pharmaceutical, energy, financial services and retail are amongst the first to adopt Canvas in association with Globe.”

Canvas mobile forms run on Android, iOS or Windows platforms on any smartphone, tablet or laptop and currently has more than 14,000 business apps ranging from inspection forms and work orders to surveys and checklist.