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Phoenix WinTab Puts Productivity Right at Your Fingertips

The leading IT distributor in the Philippines, Wordtext Systems, Inc. continuously offers Phoenix WinTab to address increasing needs of the local tech market.

To recall, WSI officially launched Phoenix WinTab last January 2015. Since then, the selection of this product reaches a wider segment due to its very affordable price that meets every customer’s needs whether in school or in home and office, anytime and anywhere.

WinTab 7, 8 and 10 of Phoenix

The Phoenix WinTab 7 is the student’s new best friend in class. Students can do school work with ease because of its latest version of Office 365 Personal which is upgraded to Windows 10. They can connect to their favorite social media, listen to cool music and watch entertainment videos from YouTube right through their fingertips.

For those professionals who lead active lifestyles, the Phoenix WinTab 8 is the ideal corporate tablet. It balances portability and capability. Running with the full Windows 10, the Phoenix WinTab 8 gives flexibility to install the latest applications suitable to user needs. It allows user to do reports and presentations from anywhere, and connects user to their peers and clients.

The Phoenix WinTab 10 is a tablet and a personal computer rolled into one. Customers do not need multiple gadgets anymore in getting the job done. Its versatility shifts from tablet to laptop functionality and compatible to any snap-on keyboards. With OneDrive 1TB cloud storage, users can save many data and files as they want.

For more information about the Phoenix WinTab, you may email your request to You may also check our website at or simply like our FB official page, Wordtext Systems Inc.