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PS-PhilGEPS enters agreement with Microsoft Partners

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) through the Procurement Service – PhilGEPS (PS-PhilGEPS) announced that it is entering a consignment agreement with Microsoft Partners including Wordtext Systems, Inc. and First Datacorp to streamline IT solutions procurement in the government. The agreement aims to bring numerous benefits to the government such as cost-efficiency, standardization and transparency.

“The bidding process in the government takes about a minimum of six month to complete. Today, they can simply check the procurement service’s website to view the list of Microsoft products and services and procure through us. We also help the agencies scope their requirements and discuss the options available so they are properly guided,” said Atty. Jose Tomas Syquia, Executive Director IV of PS-PhilGEPS.

With the new procurement system, government agencies and local government units (LGUs) can no simply buy their software and hardware requirements to PS-PhilGEPS without going through the tedious competitive bidding process. They are assured to get the lowest standard price whether they are a small or big organization.

The consignment agreement help drive standardization in the government. By dealing directly with Microsoft Partners, PS-PhilGEPS guarantees the government agencies and LGUs that they are getting the latest version and genuine licenses of Windows or Office 365. The agreement will also promote transparency as the public can view the prices of the products and services anytime.

Government agencies and LGUs can now procure a wide array of Windows licenses, and popular Windows 10-ready devices from Microsoft partners and manufacturers. They can also avail Microsoft Premier Services for immediate assistance of IT issues arise. This service is convertible. The government agency or LGU can convert any unused paid hours of service to other service of their choice.

“The consignment agreement is an equalizer as it creates an opportunity for the government to access modern-day devices and services that top corporation in the Philippines are using. By using Microsoft technologies, government employees can increase their productivity which can lead to an improved quality of public service,” ended Mr. Ferdie Saputil, Microsoft Philippines’ Public Sector Director.

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