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Virtual Reality can now help save endangered animals


Conservation of the wildlife has been on a great height, especially for the endangered species and in the hopes of preserving what the world still have, a group of conservationist starts relying on virtual reality.

An Australian Professor of the University of Technology named Kerrie Mengersen have set up cameras to observe a wild animal. On her recent trip to Peru, she planted cameras in the jungle to capture a 360-degree video to sight possible “jaguar corridors” or strips of land connecting fragmented jaguar habitats, as well as search for a presence of the animal in the area without having to trek into the Peruvian jungle.

In order to make this possible, statistical models are used to get the location and the numbers of jaguars in the area. Mengersen told Mashable Australia, that she is hoping that researchers may find ways to some jaguar habitats since it is often difficult to get into places where the animals live.

Rather than bringing researchers in these inaccessible areas of the jungle, the professor aims to bring those areas to the experts through virtual reality since it is set to be a promising tool for scientific discovery and learning. The idea behind these projects is that if people can experience a virtual portrayal of the wilderness, this may make them appreciate the need for conservation and more likely be concerned about and actively care for the environment.

Experts can view clips and some footage posted online.