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Report reveals that more than 3.9 billion people still don’t have Internet

It seems like Internet is everywhere these days but a report revealed that more than half of the world’s population still don’t have Internet access.

According to International Telecommunication Union (ITU), around 3.9 billion people, or 53% of the population, still remain cut-off from the vast resources on Internet, despite declining prices for information and communication technology (ICT) services.

That number perhaps stems from the fact that Internet penetration rates in developing countries are only at 40% while developed countries are still not fully penetrated by Internet.

Africa was determined to be the least connected continent, with 74.9 percent of its population still offline.

Furthermore, only 15.2 percent of people are online in least developed countries like Haiti, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Myanmar.

There is also an apparent gap between men and women in the world in terms of Internet access as the difference between internet user penetration for males and females is 12.2 percent. Africa tallied the highest regional gender gap with 23% while the Americas recorded the smallest gap with two percent.

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