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Report says Asian nations did not fare well in data storage security

The Asian region is not a very good place for storing digital data, according to a report by Artmotion.

Using the data from the United Nations, Economic Forum, and Transparency International among others, the report titled Data Danger Zones concluded that Switzerland is the safest place for data storage among 170 nations while some Asian countries have high risk score in data security.

Some notable Asian countries that garnered high risk score are Philippines (57.20%), Indonesia (46.30%), India (41.30%), and China (38.40%). Aside from the mentioned countries, other Asian nations were also identified as risky places for storing data.

Meanwhile, Singapore (1.9%), Taiwan (4.00%), and South Korea (8.30%) were among the safest Asian nations in terms of data security.

According to Mateo Meier, a data privacy expert, their goal in releasing the report is to enable businesses to make a more informed decision of how and where to store their data.

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