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Many students are aspiring to become entrepreneurs

Studying alone is hard but a report from Santander Universities suggested that 30 percent of students want to become entrepreneurs or already have a business.

The report said that the students’ main goal in wanting to have business is not money but rather to pursue a personal interest (70%). Gaining extra income is only second (58%) among their goals while work experience comes in at third (26%).

With the number of student entrepreneurs increasing by 38% compared to 2015, the average yearly turnover has also doubled to £13,213. Almost half of entrepreneurs (46%) expect a 50% increase in turnover within the next five years while another 10% were optimistic about a 250% increase.

Santander Universities UK director Matt Hutnell stressed that student entrepreneurs are important contributors to the UK economy. He also said that Santander is committed in encouraging student entrepreneurs to invent, innovate, and create.

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