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Report says Pokémon Go’s popularity is already declining

Pokémon Go’s popularity among users is already declining, said a report published in Bloomberg.

According to Axiom Capital Management’s report, the game has lost over 15 million daily active users in just a month after peaking at 45 million daily active users in July.

In addition, the engagement level for Pokémon Go has also declined by over 50 percent.

With Pokémon Go facing decline in popularity, Senior Analyst Victor Anthony said that investors and executives at Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter, and Snapchat can now breathe a sigh of relief as the game stole users and screen time from the following apps during its peak.

The game’s decline could be rooted from the fact that leveling up in the game gets pretty slow after the first dozen levels. Also, Pokémon Go’s limited lineup of available Pokémon may have contributed to users’ declining interest.

Even though Pokémon Go is losing its users, its developer Niantic is still releasing updates for the game. For instance, the company recently announced a new feature where trainers would be able to determine Pokémon strengths and capabilities through their team leaders. It is also expected that the company will eventually add other exciting Pokémon into the game.

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