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We are a society defined by the word “latest,” especially when it comes to gadgets. But sometimes, latest is not actually what we need. Case in point: the HTC One S.

Playing the younger brother to HTC’s flagship One X, the One S doesn’t get half as much publicity. But its performance begs to differ. In the four months I’ve used it, I couldn’t even recall a moment when it lagged or froze on me, thanks to its speedy dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS just flies in this phone, with silky-smooth transitions typically seen on higher-end phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III. The efficient processor also contributes to better than average battery life, though you would still need to charge once a day.

The One S looks classy and elegant. I didn’t feel out of place at all with my iPhone-totting friends. In fact, it’s so rare to find someone with a One S that I’m always asked what it is. Definitely a plus in the coolness department.

Media-wise, it covers all the necessities: an 8-megapixel cam that shoots bright and vivid photos, a brilliant-sounding audio (it’s Beats-branded) and deep, social networking integration. Again, thanks to its processor, I’ve yet to experience hiccups in loading or taking pictures and listening to music.

Connectivity is what you would expect from a mid to high-end smartphone with one omission: LTE. But personally, HSPA+ or 3.5G, as it is known, is enough for the casual user. Daily tasks such as status updates, checking Twitter or email or even watching Youtube videos on the One S is snappy enough, provided you have strong signal. And with LTE plans from local telcos needing more time to gain ground, the One S can hold its fort in this department.

As far as usability is concerned, the One S ticks all the right boxes. It has everything you need in a smartphone: fast, feature-rich and with just the right amount of extras a regular person would actually use. It proves that if we think about what we really need from a gadget, the latest isn’t always the best.

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