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Road safety app CROXTEC launched in the Philippines

Any one of us who ventures out into the streets can be a target. As pedestrians, we can be hit by motorists, causing us severe injuries. Many pedestrians have figured in accidents that have resulted in terrible disabilities, unimaginable injuries and countless loss of lives.

Every day, over 34 Filipinos die due to these road accidents. In Metro Manila alone, collisions average more than 200 incidents daily. With such grim statistics, everybody hopes for the day when pedestrians are no longer threatened. Road safety can be better guaranteed, for anyone and everyone who traverse our streets.

Finally, help has arrived to make this dream a reality. Finally, there is an App designed to help pedestrians and motorists be more mindful of their own safety on the streets.

Introducing CROXTEC.

CROXTEC (pronounced CROSS-TEK), was invented by Filipino balikbayan Debbie Anne G. Macariola-St.John. After 40 years in the Bay Area and 24 years of work experience in the US automotive industry, Debbie came home and specifically chose the Philippines, her country of birth, as the pilot market of Croxtec. This pedestrian safety app is the flagship product of her up and coming technology ventures company, Djanco Information Technology Solutions, and from the looks of the media and the public’s reception to Croxtec, the app is destined to be a game changer.

Croxtec is envisioned to help stem and stop the rising number of road fatalities from happening by providing an alert system to its users. It is meant to help us become more mindful of the vehicles and pedestrians in our immediate environs. Once you sign in as a user, Croxtec immediately identifies you as either a motorist or pedestrian and sends you alerts on whether you are in the Croxtec Safezone, Caution Zone or Unsafe Zone.

With its pilot launch in the Philippines, which has some of the busiest streets, thoroughfares and highways in Asia, Croxtec confidently drives into a future where the country can join the ranks of smart countries on the global front, with safer roads for its pedestrians and motorists who traverse them every day. With Debbie at the helm, Djanco has taken on the role of creating digital products and applications to enhance smart city living while promoting a more organized and safe urban environment. Believing that Croxtec has a universal role to play, Debbie is quick to acknowledge that the mobile app will soon see action in Asia, and even in the USA and Europe in the short term, and possibly the rest of the world for the long haul.

Starting today, Croxtec can help the Philippines cross safe. Next stop, the world.

Visit and download today, for free.

Croxtec is the only mobile application to date that focuses on providing an early warning alert to both driver and pedestrian if there is an impending danger. It is meant to help enhance our mindfulness of our own safety given the traffic, other motorists and pedestrians. Proven to work in a simulation held in Manila on two major thoroughfares, Croxtec is a free download available on Google play for Android phones : it only needs data for it to work effectively.