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Robi Domingo gives a tour inside his van

Kapamilya actor Robi Domingo gave a peek inside one of his personal spaces, her van he calls ‘bahay ni kuya’ as it serves as his second home whenever he travels or goes to work.

In his YouTube video, Robi gave a tour inside his van which features a vanity mirror and make up area with a drawers where he puts some of his important things, including a mint case given by Anne Curtis which he has been keeping.

Apart from the vanity mirror, Robi’s van also has a convertible seat which transforms from a couch into a bed where he takes a nap on his way to work.

Robi shared how he used to have a portable toilet inside the van but he later opted to remove it and left the space empty because of its inconvenience.

Meanwhile, in the front part of the couch, there is also a mechanical and adjustable captain seat and retractable table from the side alongside a mini lamp where he reads or writes down notes.

Robi also showed variations of light moods inside his vehicle and demonstrated one of his most favorite features, the retractable television which he also uses for gaming apart from watching television shows and movies.

Watch Robi’s van tour here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Robi Domingo)