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Kim Chiu gives a tour inside her van

Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu shared a glimpse of her comfy van she considers as her ‘second house’ in her recent vlog uploaded on her YouTube channel.

In her video, Kim gave a tour inside her van which she had customized by Atoy Customs, featuring white interiors from the seats to the ceiling and other parts of the vehicle.

Some of the highlights of Kim’s van was a television set where she could relax and watch while on the road, two reclining captain seats, as well as a long couch at the back part of the van where she could opt to relax.

There are also lighting options she could choose from through a switch at the side part of the van. Kim also showed her vanity kit where she shared some of the make up and skincare products she use, mentioning how she does her make up inside her car.

Apart from her vanity kit, Kim also has a box of chips which she admitted as one of her favorite snacks.

What delighted her subscribers was the ‘arinola’ she showed inside her black box she referred to as ‘Arinola Chiu’ which was given by her grandma.

Watch Kim’s van tour here:

(Photo source: YouTube – Kim Chiu PH)