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Samsung invents a pair of wireless earbuds that can store music


The Gear IconX Bluetooth, Samsung’s wireless earbuds, photos were leaked at Venture Beat on April 26, 2016, creating a significant buzz because most “wireless” earbuds that have already been released are actually not really wireless at all for it needs a wire to connect two buds. According to Venture Beat, the IconX will come with a case which charges the earbuds. It can also act as a fitness tracking device, can save up to 4GB of music so you would not need any relatively heavy gadget as you run or do your workouts.

According to an article by The Verge, Apple is also being rumored either to make their own wireless earbuds or ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. If that were true, the only way to listen to music with iPhone 7 is through a wireless Bluetooth headphone or through the Lightning port.

If Apple does release wireless earbuds, it would look the same as Samsung’s IconX. Still, nothing is concrete until Apple confirms it. Though, Samsung’s Gear IconX will be released a lot sooner than that.