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Samsung shows off a new foldable phone concept

Earlier this year, Samsung released the Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone with premium specs at a premium price. However, the foldable smartphone encountered many issues along the way which lead Samsung to hold off its availability until these issues had been fixed. The company is not backing down on its foldable smartphone, and recently, it showed off a new foldable phone concept.

During the Samsung Developers Conference 2019, the company teased a vertically folding phone concept. The vertical folding phone folds into a clamshell form factor reminiscent of the earlier dumb phones. This is rather different from the original Galaxy Fold which folds like a book. It even showed a video detailing the new foldable concept:

Samsung’s new folding phone concept might make sense for more people as it keeps the form factor of most smartphones albeit with an ability to fold itself. The dilemma of pocketing long phones is over as it can be folded over when carrying it in jeans or shorts.

Software development has started off to accommodate the new UX experience that comes with a vertical folding phone. Samsung has not yet announced the name of this device nor its availability. However, expect the company to release a smartphone in the future which is based on this concept.

Photo Source: Youtube : 삼성전자 뉴스룸 [Samsung Newsroom]