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Schools in China make students wear “intelligent uniform” equipped with GPS

Thousands of students in China are easily being tracked by their teachers and parents as 10 schools in Guizhan province and Guangxi Zhuang region have introduced the “intelligent uniforms” which let them track students’ location 24/7 via GPS.

In a report by Techspot, the schools have adopted the uniform equipped with GPS which will let them know if a student tries to leave the school during school hours as an alarm goes off.

An alarm also goes off if a student leaves without their uniform with the schools’ facial recognition and if a student falls asleep during class.

The same thing happens if a student does not go to school and their parents will be contacted.

Despite the school and parents having access to students’ location data, Principal of Renhuai Lin Zongwu said to the Global Times that they choose not to check the students’ accurate location after school hours.

Yuan Bichay, product manager at the uniform’s manufacturer Guizhan Guangu Technology said that the ‘smart jacket’ is washable over 500 times and can survive temperatures of up to 150C.

Apart from being GPS equipped uniforms, it can also be used as a cashless payment system for goods purchased within the school such as tap to pay which could also be monitored by the school and parents.

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