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Should you start investing in outsourced IT?

In the digital economy where data is the new currency, companies are tapping new solutions such as Big Data, cloud, security and mobility to drive significant change in their organization. But on top of adopting these technologies, ePLDT, Inc. believes that companies should invest in outsourced IT for them to focus on their core business and ensure sustained competitiveness.

Since IT has become a critical enabler for businesses to enhance customer experience and outpace competitors in the market, organizations need to leverage on managed IT services to increase operational efficiency.

“Companies today are looking to IT outsourcing not because of the lack of manpower skills nor the overhead expenses; they’re actually aiming for optimal performance through increased operational efficiency so they can serve their clients better,” said Ronald De Guzman, Head of ePLDT’s Business Services Group. “But more than increased efficiency, customers will also find risks more manageable as service providers adhere to best practices, which most companies today find difficult to apply on their own.”

ePLDT, Inc.—the industry-leading enabler of digital business solutions for enterprises in the Philippines—is offering a comprehensive outsourced IT service portfolio for organizations that want to outsource the tasks of designing, implementing and managing their IT infrastructure with the corresponding best-practice processes.

ePLDT offers Managed IT Services to small-, medium- and large-scale businesses to give them the capabilities of a world-class IT support department at a reasonable and more affordable cost. Its service roster includes IT operations and maintenance for network, systems, devices, security, storage and contact center support designed on a monthly subscription payment model.

By tapping ePLDT’s Managed IT Services, enterprises can manage their expenses as they focus their capital investments on initiatives that generate revenue; maintain and increase operational efficiency to support quality service for customers; build and retain the right talent as the company goes through digital transformation; ensure compliance to standards and best practices; adapt to changing business trends; and reduce risks that may affect business continuity and security.

De Guzman added, “We do have variants of managed services depending on the roles our customers want us to play and the role they want to play in this partnership. We provide services that are as basic as monitoring and operating their IT Services to as complex as optimizing and transforming from legacy platforms to the next generation solutions. Ultimately, we want our clients to trust us and let us do everything for them. They tell us what they need and we’ll agree on the best way we can work together in running and operating their IT Infrastructure and Systems.”

ePLDT’s Managed IT Services are based on the TOGAF Reference Architecture for Information Systems and Technology Infrastructure, which is used by organizations that want to achieve enterprise architecture that is ‘consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practice, and gives consideration to current and future business requirements.’

ePLDT Group Chief Operating Officer Nerisse Ramos noted that while digital enterprise solutions open new doors to innovation and business success, companies need to partner with experts who offer professional services to maximize these investments.

“Although best-in-class technology is a key enabler for business transformation, manpower expertise is the ultimate determinant of success,” Ramos said. “Our professional services are anchored on the need to provide a more strategic approach in helping customers transform their business—from the development of innovative strategies to excellence in execution. This offers a more consistent focus on sustainable results.”

Ramos concluded, “It is by teaming up with our Managed IT experts that companies can be more confident in the digital future. At ePLDT, we deliver more than best-in-class solutions—we deliver unparalleled expertise that will help you extract the most value from your ICT investments and therefore enable business results.”

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