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Signs that you are a cool techie mom

All moms are special but some are techie cool. This special breed of moms need not put any effort in keeping up with the tech savvy millennials because they are on the game. Are you one of them? Here are some signs that you might be a member of this team:

They know the secret to a great selfie
Kids these days sure know how to pose for their best angles but you know how to take it for them. You’re the best cameraperson that your child could ever ask for her Instagram updates. Your secret? Knowing your equipment. Having a good smartphone is one but understanding how to maximize its features like its multi-camera set-up, the lossless zoom, low-light mode, etc. puts you on a different level.

They know which games to play with the right specs
Who said games are only for kids? Not for you. You have the latest gaming smartphone available and you team up with your kids in Mobile Legends or maybe beat them in Fortnite. Which is it? They are usually both.

You have your smart OOTD
Fashion is not only your territory but you put your own twist to it – your favorite wearables. You will always find a way to keep your tech close to you without sacrificing your sense of fashion whether it’s your wireless earbuds, your reliable smartwatch, or even your color gradient phones.

You don’t worry about losing power
This isn’t just about who has complete control of every situation. For the super techie mom who’s always on the go, this is also about making sure that you have extra charge for the day’s battles with a powerbank. Whether it’s for remotely answering emails or for staying in touch with your family, you are ready.

You know how to spot a legit tech
You will never be fooled. As how every mom makes sure that they get the best bang for their hard-earned buck, you make sure that you get your and your family’s gadget needs from a trustworthy online shop like Established by its innovative founders in November 2015, was born out of a creative dream by Filipino-owned conglomerate Transnational Diversified Group to deliver trustworthy and efficient solutions to the discerning Filipino tech shopper.

Moms come in all shape and “techieness”. Regardless of that, their love brings about their own unique swag. Cheers to all the mothers in the world!