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Canon Cloud: Enabling Business Continuity and Resiliency with the Right Technology

Seen from L to R:; Arnold Endaya, Assistant Director for Business Imaging Solutions division of CMPI; Lars Jeppesen, Chief Executive Officer of Tech One Global Philippines, Inc.; Lim Kok Hin, President and CEO of CMPI; and Jojo Bolima, Senior Director for Business Imaging Solutions division of CMPI

Globally, a misfiled document in large corporations costs roughly around USD125 with loss taking place every 12 seconds in average. Moreover, more than 70% of businesses today would fail within three weeks if they experience massive paper-based document loss due to flood or fire. In the Philippines where flooding and natural calamities frequently take place, businesses should be more vigilant. With the vision of making businesses resilient to these kinds of loss, Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. (CMPI) launched Canon Cloud — an automated system of storing and securing documents for businesses fully enabled through Canon’s suite of hardware and software solutions.

“Here at Canon Philippines, we always find ways how businesses can be more efficient while driving profitability,” shared Lim Kok Hin, President and CEO of CMPI. “We have seen an opportunity how businesses can keep up with the growth of the Philippine economy by being their partner that makes their ways of working leaner and faster with our suite of business solutions. More so, we have found ways how to ensure that documents are secured showing how Canon enables business continuity and resiliency in times of disaster.”

Canon Cloud enables businesses to easily access and share important files anytime and anywhere with its cloud-based imaging system. After scanning the document with either Canon’s document imaging service or a third-party application, documents can be quickly retrieved with Tag Cloud, and securely stored with an encryption system. Canon Cloud is the perfect addition to one’s business to easily share and access documents, securely store important files, save office space, and prevent document loss.

“Today is the birth of a technology that drives value to both society and businesses. Canon Cloud aims to provide small to large enterprises with an affordable document system powered by cloud-based technology,” explained Arnold Endaya, Assistant Director for Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) of CMPI.

At just a monthly fee of PhP 5,000, improvements as such ultimately increase work efficiency while keeping revenue streams intact. “We envision making the Canon Cloud an offering that will help Filipino entrepreneurs keep their businesses disaster-resilient. Natural calamities might be inevitable but we wish to empower enterprises with the right technology that will ensure their business documents are stored safely,” shared Jojo Bolima, Senior Director for BIS of CMPI.

Canon Cloud is a product of the partnership between CMPI and Tech One Global. Tech One Global shares its expertise in file management through Enadoc – a cloud-based innovative enterprise document imaging system founded 15 years ago. Its scalable offering makes Canon Cloud’s solutions easily fit into small, medium, to large-scale enterprises and implementations.

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