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Smart Communications Launches Smart Wifi Ads

Smart Wifi Ads enables companies to reach targeted audiences directly

Smart Communications Inc., the country’s leading wireless services provider recently launched Smart Wifi Ads, their newest innovation for mobile brand marketing solutions.

Smart Wifi Ads builds on the success and potential of the over 300 Smart Wifi hotspots across the country.

“Digital innovation has always been one of the main priorities of Smart and PLDT. Today, with Smart Wifi Ads, we empower companies and brands to reach specific target markets in many different parts of the country,” said Jojo Gendrano, Vice President, PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions.

Smart Wifi Ads is a customizable targeted marketing solution that enables businesses to easily reach and engage their customers. It provides specific and directed marketing opportunities for companies and brands looking to deploy online ads through Smart Wifi hotspots all over the country in airports, transport hubs, hospitals, hotels, resorts, schools, local government units, and lifestyle zones.

With its customizable solutions, Smart Wifi Ads allows businesses to choose advertising hotspots focused on retail channels and locations, audience profile, and even the time of year. From simple banner ads to sponsored access through videos and surveys, Smart Wifi Ads enables companies to choose products to help meet their marketing objectives.

“With Smart Wifi Ads, we bring our partners closer and more efficiently to their audiences,” added Gendrano

Smart Wifi collaborates with Voyager Innovations to bring about Smart Wifi Ads’s digital customer engagement, marketing solutions, and e-commerce platforms.

“Mobile marketing is becoming more accessible and relevant to many industries across the world. As technology has evened the playing field for businesses, innovations like Smart Wifi Ads give companies a unique and competitive advantage, allowing them to be very targeted in reaching more effectively their intended audience. Smart Wifi Ads also provides them with valuable insights which they can use to identify trends before their competitors do,” said Jovy Hernandez, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise for PLDT and Smart.

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