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Smart TV – Entertainment and Content in One

A couple of weeks back, my family and I were treated with a nice accomodation in one of the hotels in Manila by Samsung Philippines to try out their latest television. It’s not just an ordinary television, its a TV with internet access which they called Smart TV sometimes referred to as “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV”.

When we entered the room reserved for us, two things caught the attention of my kids. First, the elegant room, and second the Samsung Smart TV. My daughters were asking what’s so special about the TV? Well the TV is not an ordinary TV, its a TV that provides entertainment and content at the same time.

Aside from being able to connect to the web, the Smart TV is also a 3D TV. We were provided with around five (5) 3D DVD movie titles. Its a pleasant view to watch my kids watching movies with 3D glasses on. My youngest enjoyed the 3D the most, saying that she can almost touch the characters of the movie and experience is really different. Not that we haven’t watched 3D movies before, but this is her first time to watch 3D movies in a 3D television. Believe it or not, they went to bed around 2:00am after watching 3 titles I think.

The next day, its discovery time for my kids once again. They want to explore what this TV can really do. My kids were having a discussion on what to do first, but of course the youngest has the last say most of the time. So my youngest browse through the menus and ended up playing games inside the Samsung Apps section. I can’t help but be amazed how easy can she navigate through the menu, control her game characters, exiting and loading new games, and working on the remote control that works also as a keyboard – without the aide of any manuals nor any assistance from her two elder sisters.

When its time for my youngest to take her morning bath, its time for my two other kids to try out their new toy. The first thing they did was to visit Facebook and updated their status to tell their friends where they are at that time and to inform them that they’re using a Smart TV to chat with them. After awhile, my kids started to view some movies that comes with the Smart TV. They watched some cooking videos, fitness videos, and music videos.

All this time, I was waiting when will I get the chance to discover this new entertainment gadget. That chance came when my daughters excuse themselves to have their breakfast. Finally, the Samsung Smart TV is all mine.

The Samsung Smart TV is packed with features and have all the ingredients to revolutionize the way people have been watching TV. Aside from being a 3D TV, it also comes with Samsung Hub with 6 exciting features called Smart Video, Smart Search, Smart 3D, Smart Chat and Smart Design. These features turn the TV into an excellent home entertainment center with music, games, movies, videos, TV programs, social networking and any other online content.

The Samsung Smart TV also comes with Clear Motion Rate, Hyperreal Engine, Cinema Black, White Colour Enhancer Plus, Real Black Filter, Cinema Black and Micro Dimming to make one’s viewing experience to another level.

But aside from the features I mentioned, I think the future of this TV is in its SamsungApps, where users can access a lot of applications like YouTube app and other service provider apps giving the users a wide variety of content that will suit their needs. Independent developers can create different applications for this TV which means the content part will continuously grow. In a recent report, applications developed are in the area of games, education, information, videos, lifestyle and in sports. This paves the way for on-demand information right at the very heart of the Smart TV.

The only thing I don’t like about the TV is the keypad that comes with the two-sided remote control, I find it a bit small for me. Another thing is the slow internet connection (has nothing to do with the TV),  it takes time to download websites and other web apps due to the slow internet connection available at that time.

After almost an hour of playing with the Smart TV, my daughters came back to the room and took control of the TV again. They took turns in trying out the other applications and ended up watching the other 3D movie titles provided. All I can say is that after this experience – you’re never going to look at a TV the same way again once you tried using a Samsung Smart TV.

I am logging off. Stay cool and God Bless us all!

(Article written by Jerry Liao)

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