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Spotify user details appear online


News of possible data breach has just been uncovered and this time, the leak came from a music software application, Spotify. The leak consists of several hundred users’ credentials, passwords, usernames and e-mails which have been posted on Pastebin. It appears that it has no real names or payment details.

Based on an article by Tech Crunch, a Spotify spokesperson provided them a statement on the issue. Spotify has denied that it was hacked and made sure that their records are secure. They also confirmed that they monitor Pastebin and other sites regularly, also mentioned that they would first verify if the users’ details are authentic and if they are, Spotify would immediately notify affected users to change their passwords.

An anonymous user suspected that his account had been hacked when he saw his Recently Played songs that id never listened to so he changed his password and logged out of his devices. Spotify has not given any updated statements regarding this issue and also advised that users may want to consider changing their passwords.