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Synology launches Synology Solution Exhibition 2019 at Computex

Synology recently launched Synology Solution Exhibition 2019 held at the TPKA in Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park during COMPUTEX 2019 (5/29-5/31). At the exhibition, Synology showcased solutions covering six key topics including next-generation file server, modern data protection, virtualization storage and protection, robust network deployment, intelligent surveillance deployment, and photo management solutions, helping enterprises allocate resources based on their needs, while flexibly building a safe and efficient data management system to increase operational efficiency.

“With the field-proven easy usage and cross-device support along with the secure and reliable all-round data management platform, Synology aims to provide businesses with cost-effective yet competitive solutions to solve various deployment and management issues facing IT personnel, thereby facilitating digital transformation,” said Simon Hwang, General Manager for the Asia-Pacific region at Synology.

Streamline file syncing, access, and collaboration & enhance the efficiency of file management

As businesses globalize, cross-office data access has become more difficult than ever. Synology addresses business needs of file synchronization, sharing, and collaboration with its next-generation file server, Synology Drive, which not only allows you to access remote data seamlessly but also provides customizable retention rules and a variety of mutually integrated packages.

The latest version of Drive comes with Synology Drive Admin Console and Synology Drive ShareSync, allowing users to easily build a data management and collaboration platform with a consistent management interface.

Flexibly deploy backup and restore & maintain business competitiveness with tiered data protection

Synology’s backup and recovery solutions enable flexible deployment according to the size and demand of businesses, realizing tiered protection for business digital assets with the public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions such as Synology C2, Synology Active Backup for Office 365, and Synology Active Backup for G Suite.

The latest update of Synology Active Backup for Business supports Hyper-V virtual machine backup and restore, further consolidating data protection. With license-free Active Backup for Business, SHISEIDO Taiwan was able to centralize backup tasks in physical and virtual environments, saving 52% storage space successfully.