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Tattoo unveils higher monthly data allowances for new home broadband plans

Globe Telecom broadband brand Tattoo recently boosted its roster of home broadband plans with higher monthly data volume allowances to accommodate the growing demand for internet connectivity at home.

New home broadband customers availing of DSL plans can enjoy bigger monthly data allowance of 50GB for Plan 1299, 60GB for Plan 1599, 70GB for Plan 1999, 80GB for Plan 2499, and 100GB for Plan 2999, allowing them to surf the Internet longer.

On the other hand, customers on Long Term Evolution (LTE) plans can experience higher monthly data allocation of 20GB for Plan 1099, 30GB for Plan 1299, 50GB for Plan 1599, 60GB for Plan 1999, 70GB for Plan 2499, and 80GB for Plan 2999.

Aside from bigger monthly data allowance on their home broadband plans, customers can also enjoy a complete entertainment bundle that will enable them to watch movies via HOOQ and NBA games via the NBA League Pass, as well as stream music through Spotify at the comfort of their homes.

For DSL customers, they can get exclusive access to Spotify for as low as Plan 1299, which allows them to enjoy Spotify’s latest karaoke feature available on desktop via MusixMatch, the world’s largest lyrics catalogue. Combined access to HOOQ and Spotify or NBA League Pass starts at Plan 1599 while access to HOOQ, Spotify and NBA begins at Plan 1999.

Meanwhile, LTE customers can enjoy access to Spotify with their home broadband plans starting at Plan 1099, access to HOOQ at Plan 1299, combined access to HOOQ and Spotify or NBA League Pass starting at Plan 1599, and access to all three (3) entertainment services starting at Plan 1999.

All Tattoo home broadband plans come with speeds ranging from 2 Mbps all the way to 15 Mbps and are bundled with free landline, free unlimited calls to Globe and TM, and free Wi-Fi modem.

“With the new Tattoo Home broadband plans, customers can enjoy an amped-up internet experience with more data allowance for the entire family. We recognize the burgeoning demand for faster and more seamless internet connectivity at home as more customers shift to the digital lifestyle, and this is the reason why we are bundling our new plans with entertainment content to offer our customers a complete digital experience,” says Jurist Gamban, Vice President for Tattoo Home Broadband.

“Transform your home entertainment experience as we give you access to thousands of movies, live NBA games, and millions of songs alongside a beefed-up home internet experience only from Tattoo Home Broadband.”

Gamban also said that the brand’s portfolio of global and local partnerships for topnotch entertainment content is expected to further its position as the fastest-growing broadband brand amid growing consumer appetite for quality digital content.

“Tattoo is now well-positioned more than ever to attract more customers given the most comprehensive entertainment portfolio we have that will surely meet the changing digital needs of our customers,” she added.

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